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FVLD’s 40th Anniversary Year In Review
12/29/21 | Newsletter | By:

As we wish our clients, referral sources, and friends a happy and healthy New Year, and to ring in the New Year, we thought it suitable to reflect, share, and, especially, thank you for the many warm wishes and congratulations we received as FVLD celebrated the 40th Anniversary of our founding earlier this year.

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FVLD Health Care Client Prevails in Groundbreaking Whistleblower Appeal
11/16/21 | Uncategorized | By: Damon Dunn, Neil Rosenbaum

The Firm scored a major win this week when the United States Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit declined en banc rehearing in U.S. ex rel. Prose v. Molina Healthcare of Illinois (Case No. 17-cv-06638), making only minor amendments to its August 20, 2021 opinion, reinstating relator’s qui tam lawsuit against managed care organization Molina Healthcare for violations of the federal […]

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11/11/21 | Newsletter | By: Jonathan Vegosen

On November 5, 2021, under the direction of President Biden, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued its long-awaited Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) requiring private employers with 100 or more employees to ensure that most of their workers be fully vaccinated or provide negative COVID-19 test results on at least a weekly basis.

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Time-Sensitive and Important Estate, Gift, and Tax Planning Reminder
10/08/21 | Newsletter | By: Diana Larson

On September 12, 2021, the House Ways and Means Committee (the “Committee”) released details regarding its draft of the budget reconciliation bill.  FVLD has been following the various proposals and our earlier review of potential changes can be found in our June 2021 Newsletter. 

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Securing a Seat on the (Omni)bus to Illinois’ Energy Future
09/15/21 | Newsletter | By:

On September 14, 2021, Governor Pritzker signed Senate Bill 2408 into law. This bill is known as the “energy omnibus” for its comprehensive changes to the Illinois energy landscape.

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Leave No Insurance Stone Unturned – Coverage for Data Breach Can be Found in Unexpected Places
08/19/21 | Newsletter | By: Peter Berk

Whenever your business is impacted by a cyber-attack or a data breach – whether directly or indirectly – it is important to determine whether there is insurance to cover the resulting costs and potential liability.

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Big Changes to Illinois Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation Law: Amendments to the Illinois Freedom to Work Act
07/28/21 | Newsletter | By: Jonathan Vegosen, Bryan Schatz

Big changes are afoot with respect to Illinois non-competition and non-solicitation law.  Illinois is ahead of the curve when compared with the federal government.

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Big Changes On The Horizon? These Proposed Laws May Turn Your Estate Plan On Its Head
06/21/21 | Newsletter | By: Diana Larson, Jonathan Vegosen

Last year, we published a newsletter commenting on possible estate planning changes that might result from the 2020 elections.  See our August 2020 newsletter, “Pandemic and 2020 Election Estate Planning: Frequently Asked Questions.”  On March 25, 2021, Senator Bernie Sanders (VT) and Representative Jimmy Gomez (CA) introduced the “For the 99.5% Act.”  If enacted, the […]

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Force Majeure: Lessons From The Pandemic
05/27/21 | Newsletter | By: Megan Hamilton

As everyone is well-aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has left too many businesses either closed or gasping for air. Governmental lockdown orders, major supply chain interruptions, and spikes in COVID-19 cases have all left certain businesses unable to fulfill their contractual obligations.

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Products versus People: Negative Advertising And Online Reviews
04/29/21 | Newsletter | By: Peter Berk, Seth Stern

A vexing problem for businesses whose products are criticized online has become more challenging. A federal appellate court recently held that a manufacturer did not defame a competitor with comparative advertising, reasoning “trade libel” should require more proof than defamation of persons (and perhaps corporations) but allowing that each state could differ.

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Big Changes to Illinois Laws Affecting Employers: Criminal Background Checks and Reporting
04/07/21 | Newsletter | By: Jonathan Vegosen

On March 23, 2021, Governor Pritzker signed Senate Bill 1480 into law.  SB 1480 amends the Illinois Human Rights Act (the “IHRA”) to constrain employers’ use of criminal background checks.

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Stopping COVID-19 Unemployment Claim Scams
03/18/21 | Newsletter | By: Peter Berk

As the pandemic continues, and unemployment benefits are extended and increased, a new type of identity theft and fraud has arisen.  Identity thieves will obtain key information about an employee – including social security number, workplace, and possibly even the employee’s salary.  The identity thief will then use the employee’s information to make a claim for unemployment benefits.

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OSHA Issues New Safety Guidance Regarding COVID-19 In The Workplace
02/17/21 | Newsletter | By: Jonathan Vegosen

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) has issued a new workplace safety guidance for employers during the COVID-19 pandemic titled “Protecting Workers: Guidance on Mitigating and Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in the Workplace”

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Significant Changes in the Law
01/21/21 | Newsletter | By: Diana Larson

We wish our clients and friends a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2021. Our January Legal Update highlights new laws and amendments that may be of interest to Illinois businesses and individuals. We encourage all those potentially affected by these developments to consult with counsel to ensure that they are in compliance with, or consider taking advantage of, these new laws.

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Second Stimulus Package Signed Into Law
01/08/21 | Newsletter | By: Jonathan Vegosen, Vance Liebman, Peter Berk

On December 27, 2020, President Trump signed the Consolidated Appropriations Act (the “Act”).  The Act is designed to (a) provide appropriations to keep the government running through September 2021, and (b) provide additional COVID-19 emergency response and relief to businesses and individuals.  This newsletter focuses on three of the key areas in the COVID-19 response and relief part of the Act.

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