Not loads of lawyers, just really great ones.


Funkhouser Vegosen Liebman & Dunn Ltd. offers a number of seminars dealing with various legal and practical issues, most of which are geared toward key managers of employers. We strive to make our seminars user friendly by conducting them in "plain English."

We also try to maintain high interest and participation through the use of interactive tools such as multi-media presentation software, videotape vignettes, mock investigations, scenarios and case studies. We like to supplement our seminars with booklets that contain materials used in the presentation, as well as checklists, sample documents, and other practical materials, so that managers have valuable resources to which they can refer long after the seminar.

Our seminars fall into a variety of categories, several of which are described in this web site. One of the themes that runs through several of them is that we believe in taking a proactive approach to keep our clients out of trouble. In our seminars we focus on sensitizing managers so that they can prevent problems from arising and so our clients can avoid the cost and enormous distraction of litigation. Although most of the attorneys in our firm have experience in several areas of the law, the various seminars are conducted by attorneys with expertise and experience in the particular topic.

If you are interested in having Funkhouser Vegosen Liebman & Dunn Ltd. put one or more of our seminars on for your organization, please contact Jonathan Vegosen by phone at 312.701.6860, or by e-mail at