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Corporate Criminal Defense and Internal Investigations

The Firm has extensive experience in defending corporations against federal criminal proceedings and conducting internal investigations on behalf of corporations that suspect criminality or wrongdoing by officers and employees. The Firm has acted in various jurisdictions around the country as lead counsel to coordinate defenses and represent clients targeted by the Department of Justice for investigation and prosecution in a variety of contexts, including price-fixing, mail and wire fraud and bankruptcy fraud. We have also successfully dealt with various federal and state agencies in numerous jurisdictions to resolve preliminary administrative investigations and prevent them from escalating into criminal proceedings.

The Firm regularly conducts internal investigations at the request of corporate clients suspecting wrongdoing by officers or employees. We utilize interviews, database analysis and investigations by our attorneys and rely on the expertise of former special agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation with whom we maintain a continuing relationship as well as various local private investigators for matters outside Illinois. The Firm’s investigative techniques have uncovered substantial defalcations and criminal conspiracies involving vendors, customers and management employees, containing millions of dollars of contingent losses and claims by halting continued wrongdoing. Other investigations and subsequent civil litigation have led to the recovery of millions of dollars of losses resulting from uncovering employee embezzlement and fraud.