Not loads of lawyers, just really great ones.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Our clients, from start-up entrepreneurs to established multi-national institutions, often comment that we have made a specialty out of being their general counsel. While our lawyers have the depth of knowledge and experience to handle the intricacies of a wide array of corporate and commercial issues, it is the unique breadth of that knowledge and experience, coupled with our practical, business-oriented approach that enables us to serve most effectively as outside general counsel for many of our clients.

For example, in handling various types of commercial negotiations for our clients, we know when to avoid negotiation over issues that make little long-run difference and concentrate our attention on the issues that will enhance our clients’ profits and minimize the real risks in the transactions.

We believe that your lawyer should help you assess the risks involved in your transaction, contract or prospective business relationship in the context of your bottom line. While it is our technology and attentiveness that provide timely action and a quick response to your questions, it is our vision of the lawyer as an advisor and our passion for your business needs that provide you a response that makes sense, focused on the things that matter to achieving your goals.